The Best of Halfway Down the Stairs, 2005-2010

by the editorial staff
After five years of publication, the editors of Halfway Down the Stairs have many favorites among the literature we have published. For our readers' interest and for the use of potential authors, we have compiled a list of those pieces of writing which we have been most proud to include in the e-zine. Thanks go to our former poetry editor, Francesca Leung, for her contribution. In alphabetical order:

The Best of HDtS Poetry

At Least Look Out of the Living Room Mirror and Smile or Even Snarl at Me, by Margaret R. Hemme, from Silence
Fomalhaut, by Andrew M. Bowen, from Behind Closed Doors
High-rise Dogma, by Alan Gann, from Behind Closed Doors
Horse in my Hand, by Margaret Walther, from Beginnings and Ends
Journey, by Gary Beck, from Bon Appetit
Night Shift, by Vicki Northern, from Wanderlust
Origami, by Chloe N. Clark, from The Outsider
Rope, by Gary Beck, from Bon Appetit
sun-peel, by David McLean, from Twists of Fate
Things to Do, by Leah Browning, from Notes
The Tread of Angels, by John Grey, from Twists of Fate
Vacancy, by Donna M. Marbach, from Twists of Fate

The Best of HDtS Fiction

Ashes, by Jennifer Marie Brissett, from Beginnings and Ends
Contract for a Slice of Uruguay, by Jack Frey, from The Outsider
Gone Fishing, by Joan Pedzich, from Lost and Found
Jenny's Secret, by Mimi Rosen, from Twists of Fate
Least Broken, Soonest Mended, by Leslie Haynsworth, from Behind Closed Doors
Man of the World, by Barry Jay Kaplan, from The Outsider
More Than Gone, by Ethel Rohan, from Behind Closed Doors
Peripheral Vision, by Carmelinda Blagg, from Twists of Fate
A Permanent Resident, by Mindy Hung, from Beginnings and Ends
Red Day, by Kathryn Magendie, from Kaleidoscope
Theory, by Jon Ballard, from Dream and Memory
Three Pieces, by Kate Maruyama, from Lost and Found

The Best of HDtS Nonfiction

Goldfish Memory, by Nancy Boutin, from Dream and Memory
How to Crack an Egg, by Christi Krug, from Bon Appetit
Sounds and Fury, by Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick, from Beginnings and Ends
Tír na nÓg, by Wm. Anthony Connolly, from Dream and Memory

Selected by Carrie Bachler, Stacy Brazalovich, Francesca Leung and Alison Stedman.
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© 2010, the editorial staff