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Halfway Down the Stairs is currently looking for an additional poetry editor. Duties will include reading and voting on submissions, sending acceptances and diplomatic rejections, and also editing and formatting accepted poems for publication. This is an unpaid position.

We are looking for a poet who is comfortable analyzing and evaluating poetry and other matters in support of our publication. Previous editing experience is preferred, but not required – our priority is that you understand the commitment you are making and are a good fit in the team.

In terms of the time commitment, some weeks are busier than others. There is some flexibility, and the poetry team will work together to decide how best to share duties. However, we are looking for someone who will keep on top of their commitments, and is able to set aside a few hours a week where required. You will be proactive about getting involved as a poetry editor, and responsive to other zine needs in a timely manner. Access to a computer or tablet is likely necessary – a mobile phone won’t be sufficient to participate fully on the platforms we use.

This is a great opportunity to support independent publishing of the written word by new and promising writers. As part of a small team of editors, you will be influential in the creative direction of Halfway Down the Stairs, and there are plenty of opportunities to make your mark.

Poetry Editor Application:

Why do you want to join the staff of HDtS?
What skills or experience qualify you to be a poetry editor?
How much time per week could you devote to HDtS?
What kinds of poetry do you read?
When evaluating poetry submissions, what would you look for in terms of style or mechanics?

Please e-mail all applications to halfway . stairs @ gmail . com along with three writing samples, at least two of which should be poems.

We are still accepting applications for the role.

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