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Halfway Down the Stairs (HDtS) is thrilled that we have recently filled one of our nonfiction editor vacancies. We are still looking for one more new nonfiction editor. Duties will include reading and voting on submissions, sending acceptances and diplomatic rejections, and also editing and formatting accepted creative nonfiction for publication.

We are looking for writers who have a few hours a week to devote to HDtS and can commit to carrying out regular (but not onerous) duties reliably. You will need to be comfortable analyzing and evaluating creative nonfiction submissions, making sometimes difficult decisions, and assisting with other matters in support of our publication. Previous editing experience is preferred, but not required, and some web literacy is also useful. This is an unpaid position.

This is a great opportunity to enter an editorial role with support from our friendly team, but also to make your own mark as a leader for nonfiction in our magazine in the medium to longer term. We are looking for people who can hit the ground running, and expect to stick around for a while.

Please e-mail all applications to halfway . stairs @ gmail . com (with spaces removed) along with a prose writing sample (preferably nonfiction), and the following information:

Why do you want to join the staff of HDtS?
What skills or experience qualify you to be a nonfiction editor?
How much time per week could you devote to HDtS?
What kinds of creative nonfiction do you read?
When evaluating nonfiction submissions, what would you look for in terms of style or mechanics?
How would you approach the role of an editor for HDtS?


3 comments on “Halfway Down the Stairs is hiring

  1. T R Willemain says:

    Sorry to be a bit sideways to your topic, but I could not see a place for authors to submit work to you. Maybe hire somebody who could do that job as a new-guy hazing ritual.


    1. Hi there, our submission guidelines can be found in the menu at the top right of the page (three horizontal bars). Or to go straight there:


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