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March 2022 ||| CONTENTS


Frontiers, by Phillip Watts Brown


Under a raspberry moon, by Karen L. George

Snail, by Sara McAulay

Shifting, by Sarah Carleton

Nebraska, by Meghan Aubuchon

An American Map From Memory, by Aaron Sandberg

Frontera, by Jo Angela Edwins

Aurora, by Vivian Wagner

Air & Space, by Erica A. Fletcher

Well, it has not been easy, by Merie Kirby

Discharge Papers, by Lily Beaumont

A Daughter Is Clearing Out the House Next Door, by Brett Warren


Rescue, by Jason Gipstein

Cold Water Swimming, by Katie Buckley

The Green Shoes, by Eric Weintraub

The Front, by Nigel Pugh

Claiborne’s Flight, by Wayne Bonnett

Without Trace, by Christie Cochrell

Outside, by Craig Dobson


The Tangled History of My Beard, by Lev Raphael

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