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Love & War

June 2021 ||| CONTENTS


The Hum of Love, by Jeannie E. Roberts


The Important Things, by Christa King

Breast to Breast with Whom, by Joe Cottonwood

Heaven for the Disbeliever, by Francesca Brenner

War Bride, by Tricia Knoll

Flying Fire, by Joe Cottonwood

As Thomas, by Robbie Gamble

Purple Orchids and Agent Orange, by Maryann Hurtt

Some Wars Never End, by William Cullen Jr.

Silent Treatment, by Sharon Lask Munson

The Words We’ve Both Fallen Under, by Jill Michelle

l’chaim, by Brett Warren

And They Lived, by Linda Scheller


Whydunit, by Susan Hatters Friedman

The Canadian Sergeant, by Guy Prévost

This Version of Us, by Rachael E. Boyle

Windows, by Katie Blandford-Levy

The Vigil, by Melinda Hagenson

Carpet Cleaner, by Elizabeth Toman

Vodka Baptism, by Nora E. Webb

Grounding Techniques for Smelly Girls, by Amy O’Neill

Last Days, by Rebecca Burns


My Father’s Shoes, by Clorisa Phillips

Protest, by Anna Soref

Release, by Jim Ross

The Philosophy of Death and Dying, by Isabel Cohen

Marshals of Space, by Christine Hansen

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