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For Sale

March 2021 ||| CONTENTS


Commerce and Ghosts, by Alison Stedman


First Purchase, by Catherine Gonick

How the Truest Blue is Under a Bank of Cumulus on the Open Range as You Head South to New Mexico, by Kyle Laws

Amber Fools, by Gail Thomas

Magic Marker, by Shoshauna Shy

For Sale: Black Metal File Cabinet, by Robin Dellabough

My Information, by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Horse for Sale, by Sandra Fees

The Ghost of Memories, by Shelly Blankman

Harmonson Road, by Marie Peebles

Kitty Kapitalism Karma, by Joe Cottonwood

Selling, by Susan Barry-Schulz

Last Errand, by Laura Grace Weldon


Sawdust, by Evan Miller

Rishta Brace, by Tahoora I. Palla

Neither, by David Patrick Gallagher

Olivia, by Noelle Schwarzenberg

True Colors, by Carrie Lee South

No Blue Ribbon This Time, by Beth Kanell

Garage Sale, by James Krehbiel


Clean Sweep, by Claire Massey

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