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Darkness and Light




Darkness and Light, by Carrie Bachler



Alison Stedman interviews R.L. Stedman



Water Cave, by Dah

Northwoods, by Elise Hempel

The Operation, by Elise Hempel

BLACK ICE BLOOMING, by Pamela L. Sumners

Half iron, half oak, by Simon Perchik

Before taking root this darkness, by Simon Perchik

It’s winter inside this string, by Simon Perchik

Incandescent II, by Kai Coggin

Melancholia, by Elizabeth York Dickinson

Anna Laughing, by Deborah C. Thomas

the shadow of another, by C. M. Donahue

POND, by John L. Stanizzi

THE GIRL I WAS SPEAKS, by Rebecca L’Bahy

Opening, by Laura Stringfellow

The Point of Totality, by Melissa Silva

Daylight Savings, by Sharon Lask Munson

Our Constellation, by Cynthia McCain

In the Stairwell, by Susan Kress

After Dark, by Memye Curtis Tucker



The Darkness on the Edge of Town, by Carys Crossen

One Night in Japan, by Karen Loeb

The Caretaker, by Deborah C. Thomas

Jerome’s New Puppy, by J L Higgs

The Darkest Hour, by Tina Wayland

Ghost Heart, by Hannah Parry

Mary, full of grace, by Michael Howard

Gray But Manageable, by Brian Schulz

Honey Sweet and Seventeen, by Donald Zagardo

The Greenwood Retirement Home, by Susan Knox

Paper Promises, by Liz Betz



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