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December 2020 ||| CONTENTS


Inheritance, by Milena Nigam


Shadowlight, by Romana Iorga

My Father’s Spade, by Marianne Gambaro

The Grinding Wheel as Family History, by Bruce Morton

Undone, by Robin Dellabough

But Does the Sea Remember? by Kyle Laws

Inheritance, by Beate Sigriddaughter

Anxiety, by Therese Gleason

When You Say People Mistake Motion for Progress, by Marissa Glover

GRANNY WOMAN (Emma Dupree, 1897-1992), by Pamela Sumners

Migraineur, by Therese Gleason

The Jendryzcks, by Ed Ruzicka

The Future Divided by Zero, by Aaron Sandberg

Christmas, 1974, by Ann Weil

His Book, A.D. 1698, by David P. Miller

What I’m From, by Kiley A. Brockway


Strawberries, by Don Noel

The Red Wind, by Eric G. Müller

Nefertiti in the Afternoon, by Karen Loeb

Awful Close, by Angelica Whitehorne

Do What You Can, by William Cass

Ornery Bulls, by Sean Winn

Among the Memories, by B.R. Grayson

Draining the Lake, by Alison Bullock


Old Kleenex, by Kayla Min Andrews

Pizzazz, by Gabriella Brand

Stories from Gung Gung, by Liana Tsang Cohen

Lipstick, by Susannah Kennedy

vignettes from youth, by Ashley Hajimirsadeghi

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