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The Calling

December 2019 ||| CONTENTS



What Is Your Calling? by Jeannie E. Roberts



The Calling, by Anne Myles

You hold this stone to your cheek, by Simon Perchik

Candleby Beate Sigriddaughter

When the Art Critic Spills His Gutsby SethWilson Isaac Gray

Weathering, by Erna Kelly

A River to Swim Across, by Judy DeCroce

The sleeping bag is wet with dew, by Joe Cottonwood

The Chilled Heart, by Barbara Daniels

Pumpkinheadby Shelly Blankman

Shed Armor, by Susan Scott

The Bouquet, by Anne Myles

Exhortation, by Nancy L. Meyer

The Stable Door, by Jennifer Davis Michael



Shadow, by Gargi Mehra

Wrecking Malcolm, by Kristi Petersen Schoonover

The Astonishing Rivers Sisters, by Carly Brown

The Way Young Lovers Do, by Tony Press

The Horsemenby Elle Hurley

God’s Thumb, by Steve Gergley



Second Best Chicken Caller in the State of Iowa, by Victoria Millard

The Last Time I Cried, by Tyhi Conley


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