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December 2022 ||| CONTENTS


Portrait, by Stacy Wennstrom

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Polaroid of a girl from Pennsylvania, by Stacy R. Forbes

Night-Fishing, by Penny Harter

Beneath, by Tricia Knoll

Instructions for My Portrait, by Gail Braune Comorat

Self-Refracted, by V.A. Bettencourt

Acrylic Garden, by Lorrie Ness

Self-Portrait as Sinkhole, by Elizabeth C. Garcia

Undesirable, by MaryAnn F. Moenck

Peterkins the Canary, by Nancy Huggett

Rite of Spring, by Karen Warinsky

The Botanist, by Sigrun Susan Lane

Christmas Eve at the Hampton Inn, by Dawn Terpstra

That Girl on Fire, by Eric Paul Shaffer

Selfie with Lunar Landing, by Dawn Terpstra


The Neighbors, by Hanwen Zhang

Mother’s Picture, by Ashlynn Perez

Portrait of a Woman of the Hofer Family, by Regina Higgins

The Ballad of Red 1, by Blair Reilly

Like Grief, by Amy L. Eggert

Up North, by Lizzie Thompson

Woeful at the Edge of the World, by Rachel Drenckhahn

Stills, by Matthew Kasper

The Gardener, by Kristi Ross


Bats, by David Milley

Kaleidoscope, by Eleanor Talbot

In the Grip, by Mary Dittrich Orth

The Things People Say, by Priscilla Davenport

Acrostic for Marianne, by Danielle Dillon

Wouldn’t You Like to Know? by Patricia A. Nugent

Pixie Pammie, by Pamela Hertzog

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