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Halfway Down the Stairs publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and book reviews.  New issues are published quarterly (March, June, September, and December), and each issue is themed. To support the publication of beautiful literature, we also consider submissions of photography where relevant to the theme.

Please note we are a non-paying market.

Our June 2022 issue will be themed Open and Shut. Submissions are open from March 1 through May 1, 2022. More information about our themes and submission periods is available here.


We now consider photography submissions. Please note that we will only consider three images at a time.

It goes without saying that we are looking for visually striking and high quality images. We will also be looking for photos that are:

  1. consistent with the theme of the relevant issue – as we must consider how the photos support or complement specific pieces of work we will be publishing.
  2. in landscape format – not portrait or square.
  3. composed in a way that supports our publication style. For example, if accepted, they will be published with literature titles centered over each photo, in white text. The composition should complement this, rather than swallowing up the text.

We suggest photographers get ideas of what we like by looking through our back catalogue. In general, we prefer that our photos have not been over-edited, and have a realistic feel. They tend to be a little abstract and not too fussy, and we like interesting composition and atmosphere. However, there are very few rules!

The photography you submit should be your own work. Additionally, we do not accept previously published work. This includes not only formal publications in print and online journals, but any pieces you may have posted to a blog, personal website, etc. If it’s already available to the public in some form, we do not accept it.

We will credit photographers if your work is published in HDtS. We are also able to link to any website or account which publishes your other work.

In order to submit photos, follow the same submission guidelines below.


  1. Please send all photography submissions to halfway . stairs @ gmail . com.
  2. Your subject line should look like this: “Submission, Photography, Theme [e.g. Darkness and Light]”
  3. Within the body of your e-mail, give us the following information: the name under which you wish to be published, your e-mail address, and whether you would like us to link to a website or social media account if we accept your submission. Please confirm whether the photography you are submitting has ever been published elsewhere.
  4. Attach your photos (up to three) as jpegs. Your combined submissions (e.g. in one email) should be no more than 20MB. Any one individual photo should not be more than 8MB.
  5. Optional: Let us know how you found us.  We’re curious as to where our submitters and readers are coming from.

We aim to respond to all submissions within four weeks of receipt; however, in the case of photography we will need to consider whether they complement the accepted literature submissions and this may take some time. You will never wait more than three months for a response.

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