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December 2021 ||| CONTENTS


Rain Down on Me, by Carrie Bachler


Bad Weather, by Maria McLeod

Circle High, Shelter Within the Eye, by Ellen Lager

Mother Earth, by Serena Agusto-Cox

The Gathering Storm, by Tricia Knoll

Quito Storms, by Lorraine Caputo

The Ocean Explains Herself, by Patricia Davis-Muffett

August Night, by Nazifa Islam

without allegiance, by Pearl Button

The Last Witness, by Hannah Zerai

The Unpredictable Sweetness of Chaos, by Karen Paul Holmes

If You Were a Wind Passing Through, by Tricia Knoll


The Women of Jerusalem, by H. Neiling

Whiteout, by Mary Beth Hines

The Flight, by Mike Wilson

Boat Song, by Abbas Rangwala

Mangrove Farm, by C. Maria Lang

What Was a Flower, by Victor Kreuiter

Wash Away, by Emily Jo Scalzo


Home is Where the Heart Is, by Ann V. Klotz

Storm Damage, by Diane Elayne Dees

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