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Almighty is the Lord of Earth
whose loins have given life and birth,
whose gift to man is one of worth,
whose power is of life and might,
whose judgement absolute is right—
betwixt the dawn and midday light.

Unbounded is the Lord of Air
whose comforting caress is care,
whose purity does answer prayer,
whose gentle winds are chaste and white,
whose power swells to soul’s delight—
betwixt the noon and twilit night.

Impassioned is the Lady Flame
whose dazzling likeness has no shame,
whose wild ambition none may tame,
whose essence gives man gift of sight,
whose candle keeps aflame and bright—
betwixt the eve and dark midnight.

Becalming is the Lady Sea
whose peaceful tides let humours be,
whose gentle bliss is sweet and free,
whose healing presence cures all blight,
whose warm embrace ends soulful flight—
betwixt the night and dawning light.


Francesca Leung enjoys reading webcomics, is a fan of Queen, and finds knitting to be rather therapeutic.

© 2007, Francesca Leung

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