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I’m dumping you because
you smell like an abattoir
or a field freshly sprayed with pig manure.
I’m dumping you because
your idea of a good time is depilation
followed by a vinegar afterwash.
I’m dumping you because
two wrongs don’t make a right.
(but three do) I’m dumping you
(and stealing your plasma television) because
theft is the severest form of flattery.
I’m dumping you because
you have a face fit for internet radio.
I’m dumping you because
you once confessed to homicidal tendencies.
I’m dumping you because
I’m a jack in your three card deck
a pawn on your eight square chess board.


Mr. Leverton is an English as a Second Language Teacher.  He is originally from Canada, but now lives in Poland with his wife and soon to be daughter.  He has been published a few times, and at one time had a serious ambition to be a poet.  Now he considers his poems like Bonsai which he would like to share with those who appreciate the art of his Bonsai.  He can be contacted here.

© 2009, Adam Tod Leverton

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