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Flame-shooting dancers’
Most excellent stormed feelings,
Journey ‘cross oceans plus
Sands, while reeling with color
Melted from glory songs.

Two simple feathers,
Result in pleasures entranced
By ethereal paths, sometimes
Replete with eternal snow;
No fragmented evidence speaks there.

Humility trembles deviance’s demands.
Knowledge’s seedlings fail to stand if
Chaos’ acumen reigns.
Only blessed herbs wrought and then fraught
With sagacious knowing survive.

At white wisps of whispers,
Chanters dispel troubadours’ warnings.
Telling us well where castlers
Can’t help civilians any time, any more.
Woe to the wilds!

Pluck reserves for the children,
Denude woodlands for others,
Mothers, fathers, won’t/can’t stop beasts,
From East of Eden, who meander
Past words yet unspoken, only implored.

Red draws such evening,
Pink cleans those skies,
Mauve tints those shadows,
When rose’s whispered nigh..

Green upon laurel,
Olive ‘til dim,
Grey upon dusk,
Sunset at a whim,

Myriad light fancies,
Circles of stars,
Thyme, sage, rosemary,
All enthralled from afar.

Warriors’ remnants scatter in many lands.

Small mentations, after all, are only visceral snacks
When obdurate poets stop forcing everlasting rhyme.

My panoply of words, like yours, relies not on honor’s tradition,
But on verbal shrugs or on oblique passages.

In substituting rhetorically- enhanced globes for ordinary flint,
It’s best, however, to count down from one hundred.


Abetted by her hibernaculum of imaginary hedgehogs, KJ Hannah Greenberg tramps across literary themes and genres. Although she devotes her eclectic writing to lovers of slipstream fiction and to oboe players who never got past the second orchestral chair, she also writes for mothers who are too busy mopping carpets, diapering doll bottoms, and chopping beans to think clearly.

A grateful recipient of an assortment of literary honors, Hannah’s most happy when her children correctly sort the laundry or when her hedgies wipe all the marshmallow fluff off their feet. Her work can be found in print and on line in European, in North American, in Middle Eastern, in Oceanic, and in Asian venues. Hannah can be found at a local, women’s gym, doing bench presses, or at her keyboard, matchmaking words like “twaddle” and “xylophone”.

© 2010, KJ Hannah Greenberg

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