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Grandma out in the backyard talking
Czech to Mrs.Novak, “How about a
little Wienerschnitzel for lunch?,” then
a look at the miraculous lilacs, playtime with
Peggythe Spitz…..versus computer alone mornings,
lunch at the hospital with pathologist wife,
siesta time alone at home, a four o’clock
call from Alexandra in Boston, Beatrice (3)
on the phone, “I love you grandpa…,”
dinner, the evening whispering “fields, rivers,
lakes, dirt roads through forests, and then
let’s try a little Dvorak trio…,” back emotionally


Hugh Fox is retired but working harder than ever. Currently translating a book of poetry he wrote in Portuguese last month while visiting his wife’s family in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Every night concerts at the Michigan State U. School of Music where he writes his poetry while listening to Schubert, Orff, Berg,Dvorak, Debussy, then the news on TV and half an hour of film-watching (the latest PARIS 36, NINOTCHKA), then sleep time.

© 2010, Hugh Fox

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