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The man I live with repairs
clock cases
for the Time Shop.
Faces hit the floor
often enough to keep
the woodworker’s hours

Last year a grandfather took a dive
onto an older woman
splintering them both.
He fitted new corners, new
doors and attached
the clock to her wall.

The man I live with
embraces the puzzle
of my fragility too
inlaying us in a frame

of time: an elaborate something
for nothing
we can hold.


Pecan Grove Press released Carol Levin’s chapbook, “Red Rooms and Others,” 2009. “Sea Lions Sing Scat” was published by Finishing Line Press, 2007. “Stunned By the Velocity,” a full volume of poems is due from Pecan Grove Press, 2012. Work appears or is forthcoming in The Louisville Review, The New York Quarterly, Avatar Review, The Massachusetts Review, Third Coast, The Seattle Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Cortland Review, Verse-Wisconsin, The Comstock Review, Umbrella, and others. Levin is an Editorial Assistant at Crab Creek Review and teaches Alexander Technique in Seattle.

© 2011, Carol Levin

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