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she sees straight through me,
while I betray the whites of her lies
and interpret her mind for you all;
watch as the scales fall from yours

ficklesome fractals colour me brown,
colour me green, then red, as a mist
descends from the blue to
blind her to truth and peace

as I open up wide in delight
Narcissi revealed in glittery pools
of silvering hue and vanity glass;
a classical arrogant echo

some say there are three of me
but that’s just their perception
Some pluck me out for Jesus
I’m the magic in 3D
An enigmatic soul encoder;
multilingual sin confessor;
I translate in any tongue


Award-winning poet Laura Taylor is a regular performer at festivals, gigs, and fundraisers. She has been writing and performing since 2010, and has been widely published.

© 2013, Laura Taylor

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