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Spanning the swollen Danube
Only two pillars remained after
German firepower had its way
Iron chains rose from the rubble
Rivets swallowed girders, locking them in place
Completing the link from Buda to Pest
A connection suspended across the glittery river current
Defied Hungary’s storm-tossed struggle.

Beside night traffic light and sound
A young couple walks hand in hand
Past the stone tongues of lions
They press their bodies together against the pillar light
When cyclists brush quickly by
Pausing with heads together
They gaze over the banks of the Danube
Where the Funicular rises to Castle Hill
They cross the bridge to Pest
To see majestic Parliament bask in golden light
She follows him past the light to the water’s edge
Their eyes drawn to the 60 pairs of shoes and boots
Cast in iron
Men’s women’s children’s
In a neat line along the stone embankment
Waiting, still waiting.


Patricia Duffy teaches writing at Mott Community College in Michigan. She is currently completing the final edit of her first novel, a satire. In the summer she enjoys adventure travel and cycling.

© 2014, Patricia Duffy

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