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after Richard Wilbur

it compels us to show up for the broken
in a way that will always be inconvenient—
Community is complicated.
No one ever tells you that it takes courage
you didn’t know you’d have
to talk him down after he’s been cutting.
No one ever tells you how to handle the mania,
how to manage the breakdowns—

You dead lift his soul
in the middle of the summer
And still feel cold all over—
“I don’t believe in miracles” he says,
leaning against the side of his car
at the end of your driveway.
You shake your head in disbelief
almost smiling and think,
you are a miracle
Maybe one day your purpose-filled living
will reveal that in a way trying to die
and not succeeding never did.

Maybe God calls us to the things of this world
and our answers aren’t perfect,
but he grants us grace so they don’t have to be.


Julia Bonadies is an English Teacher in New England. In her spare time she tutors students in writing at a local community college, and writes poetry. Her poetry has been published in Shapes, Eastern Exposure, The Leaflet, The Chronicle, the Albion Review, Eunonia Review, and Amythest Review.

© 2019, Julia Bonadies


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