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It is with great celebration and fanfare that this March we are publishing Milestones, our 50th issue of Halfway Down the Stairs and the start of our fifteenth year of being.

Halfway Down the Stairs began as a fledgling zine in September 2005, staffed by a small team of people from across the globe who’d been writing together for some time and thought it would be fun to try their hand at publishing, too.

Flash forward to 2020, years longer than any of us thought possible, passing one milestone after the next: five, ten and now fifteen years of publishing; from biannual to quarterly publications in order to showcase the treasure of high quality submissions in our inbox; outgrowing our original website to our fancy new threads. We’ve had to learn skills we never expected to master (hello: HTML vs BBCode), welcomed new editors while saying goodbye to others, and met so many wonderful readers and writers through the submission process and on Twitter or facebook.

As editors, what remains the same is our enduring vision to publish well-crafted work that we love and support our writers’ many unique voices. We’ve never had income or advertising revenue, so we couldn’t be more grateful for the hours of volunteer time, the generosity and passion of our submitters, and the kind feedback from our audience which has sustained us over the years.

And so we say to you: thank you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you.

Enjoy this milestone with us. We’ve proudly packed our 50th issue with beautiful writing, including a reprinting of some of our favorite poems, essays and stories from the last five years in our traditional “Best of Halfway Down the Stairs” feature. Thanks for being here with us.

—The Editorial Team


Find out more about the editorial team here.

© 2020, Halfway Down the Stairs

One comment on “Editor’s note: MILESTONES

  1. George Wayne Ashbee says:

    Congratulations on your 50th issue! I believe you publish the best “Americana” stories and poetry in the very crowded online market. It is a tribute to your discriminating taste.

    G. Wayne Ashbee


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