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ma as in mama as in grandmas as in aunties

ma as in milk as in moon    hip    lap    swing

ight as in light as in sun as in let there be

sparkle as in off as in on    look-look     see

da as in father as in man as in bearded one

pick me up    shoulder ride    squeeze my feet    sky

owey as in odie as in teeth as in tongue

owey as in breath as in wolf    pup   bark   romp

ayaya as in Alexa    play Baby Shark

Five Little Monkeys    dance-party    stomp

uh-oh as in oops as in mess as in hahaha

uh-oh as in game as in play as in please don’t stop     

mine as in mine as in mine as in mine 

as in hungry as in ma as in da as in want 


Following a long career as a project manager, Mary Beth Hines writes poetry and short fiction and non-fiction from her home in Massachusetts. Her work has appeared in the Aurorean, Crab Orchard Review, Galway Review, Gyroscope Review, Literary Mama, and other journals. When not writing, she swims, takes long walks, and spends as much time as possible with her year-old grandson. 

Poem © 2020, Mary Beth Hines

Graphic © 2020, Alison Stedman

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