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Light as it is, the rainbow
supports darkness above its arch

Bright as it is, the rainbow
holds openness within its hoop

Its left leg emerges from
the chimney next door

Its right foot alights on
the blacktop of the next street

Now we gaze at it & under it –
as, invisible to each other,
we glory in this transparent brilliance

           floating so near



Paula Bonnell grew up in a family that went to the library every other Saturday, remains an avid reader, as a student was a dyed-in-the-wool English major, made her living initially working in the financial sector (a savings and loan, then a bank where she worked in the corporate trust department) then went to law school and practiced law for many years in Boston, retired early when Mark Jarman selected the manuscript of her second poetry collection Airs & Voices (BkMk Press 2008), for a Ciardi
Prize and has been a fulltime writer ever since.

© 2020, Paula Bonnell

One comment on “After a telephoned rainbow alert, by Paula Bonnell

  1. Dr David Bonnell says:

    Nice. Appreciate the link


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