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I am from frozen land, 
and salted seas. 
From sharp tongued leaders,
Frost bitten fingers
Sewn to sun-kissed hands. 

I am from laughter 
and echoing song.
From celebration of 
new creation
and a duty of remembrance 
for the old.

I am from dust,
and yellowing chapters,
and heavy black ink.
From a need to escape 
the stones I’ve laid out myself. 

I am from strong wills,
From caramel hair, bleached by sun,
steady palms, freckled noses.
From wired lenses,
From ever changing blue and grey,
Forgotten shelves, 
and empty spaces. 

I am from sweet spices
and too much chocolate.
From blazing souls restricted to chairs.
From stepping onto undiscovered paths blindly,
and learning to leave 
with something beautiful. 


Kiley A. Brockway currently lives and works in the Chicagoland area. She spends most of her time studying and writing, but also enjoys reading, art history, photography and being with friends and family. She’s a proud Slytherin, and her friends are known to describe her as hardworking and ambitious. 

© 2020, Kiley A. Brockway 

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