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Half is not enough if magic grants
All to those who give their all for
Peace. The oak holds fast to earth yet
Pulls itself skyward cell by cell,
Inching upward toward heaven.
Light calls us, and some answer.
You and I, interlaced, flower happily.

Every morning, I imagine your profiled
Visage and vow to right the world for you,
Each quest a wind I ride, a journey far
Removed from you, yet closer ever.

After the sun embraces the rising night,
Footsteps whisper in the forest.
Tell me, love, what you will.
Even the moon in her silver gown
Reflects our joy forever after.


Linda Scheller is a retired teacher living in California’s Central Valley. Her poetry collection Fierce Light was published in 2017 by FutureCycle Press. She serves on the board of the Modesto Stanislaus Poetry Center, programs for KCBP community radio, and sings with Modesto Symphony Orchestra Chorus. Her website is

© 2021, Linda Scheller

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