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Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City 2019

at Ben Thanh Market
a flower stall holds orchids
so purple, so blue, so pink
you believe you have landed
in a rainbow
where everything kind is possible

down the hall
a butcher lays out
livers, brains, hearts

a young man rolls by
his four-wheel oversized skate board
propelled with splayed
backward hands
a foot born in reverse
and only a stump below his knee

he looks up
bright as any sun
that creates rainbows

you wonder about forgiveness
the vendor’s fish
its forever accusing eyes


Maryann Hurtt lives midway between the Elkhart Lake Library (Wisconsin, USA) and the Ice Age Trailthe best of all possible worlds. A retired hospice nurse, she often writes about resiliency, both in the natural and human worlds. Her poetry can be found in a variety of mostly regional print and online journals and anthologies. Aldrich Press published her chapbook, River, in 2016. Once Upon a Tar Creek: Mining for Voices, an eclectic collection of poetry, history, and graphics will be out later this year. Tar Creek’s water is orange.

© 2021, Maryann Hurtt

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