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trembles. Flies
buzz in her ears,
and she shakes
us off.
She calms, but swirls
winds to strike down pins,
posts, walls, brick,
throwing cars in tantrum.
We pick up her debris
rebuild, continue to drill,
dump sewage, mar,
clog drains,
smog her lungs.
The trembling ceases.
She wakes, we’re gone.
She rebuilds.


Serena Agusto-Cox was one of the first featured poets of the DiVerse Gaithersburg reading series in Maryland. Poems are in The Magnolia Review, MacQueen’s Quinterly, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Dissonance Magazine, Mothers Always Write, Bourgeon, and elsewhere. Work appears in the This Is What America Looks Like anthology, Mom Egg Review’s Pandemic Parenting issue, The Plague Papers digital anthology, H.L. Hix’s Made Priceless, Love_Is_Love: An Anthology for LGBTQIA+ Teens, and Midge Raymond’s Everyday Book Marketing. She also runs the book review blog, Savvy Verse & Wit, and founded Poetic Book Tours to help poets market their books.

© 2021, Serena Agusto-Cox

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