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Red, California grapes in bag from the local
grocery store, bought from the cashier, older
woman hair parted in the middle, French braid,
unforgivably human when she makes direct
eye contact, black marbles resting when it’s

not quite play-time. Sanford uni-ball pen on
desk, occasionally writes letters across the
country, state lines, & time zones—mostly
used for chronicling what size shoe on the man
waiting for the bus at 7am sharp, the temperature

fahrenheit at 2pm Wednesdays, how many barks
from the next door neighbor’s dog at dinner time.
New York State paycheck in wallet folded once,
late hours at public library saying yes, please, of
course, have a good night. Soon, a good morning.


Joanna C. Valente was born and bred in New York, where she still currently resides. She is a writer and artist who has been featured in various publications, as well as the founder and editor of the online literary publication, Yes, Poetry. In the future, she would like to live by the ocean and own too many cats. She currently works in a library, and in particular, enjoys a good cup of tea.

© 2010, Joanna Valente

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