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Inspiration Time
after Leonard Cohen

So we’re sleeping and we’re dreaming
And there’s always time tomorrow
And we really are such big shots in our minds
Cause we know we’re so much better

Than all those guys on TV
And the politicians suck, they really do
And every thought we have we will tell you
If you follow via Facebook, blog or Twitter.

We’re funnier than Leno, and getting close to Stewart
You know that’s where we get most of our news
And time is passing by us while we work way far beneath us
And living every second way above. It’s dreaming time.

We’re connected, we’re befriended
And we must have drunk the Kool-Aid
Cause we’re unique as every other guy down the lane
And tomorrow we’ll do great things, But first we’ll smoke your reefer
Rolled and licked and passed via Skype.

And we strut and we swagger
Down the snakes and up the ladder
To the tower where the blessed hours chime.
And I swear it happens just like this
A spark, a flash, a freakin’ streak
of genius as the flood gates open wide.
To dreamers, bloggers, tweeters, it’s reckoning time.


Debra Bennett is a freelance consultant living and working in Toronto, Canada. An avid culture enthusiast, Debra has studied screenwriting, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Her work has appeared in The Globe & Mail and in several trade publications.

© 2011, Debra Bennett

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